Objective: Build a play area in a hospital

Description: We are going to build a special play therapy area in the main children’s hospital in Danang. Paul Hilton writes “A Kiwi guy living here in Danang has painted murals in this area for us and we need to fit the area out with play/educational equipment and we have been given the go ahead to set up a small lounge/parents room and we want to establish a library as well.


Objective: Build a sanitary block.

Description: The mission is to construct a toilet block in a rural school outside of Danang. This will also include a water filtration system. One of the world’s biggest killers of children is poor sanitation and unclean water.


Objective: To give poor families in Vietnam a chance to break the vicious cycle of generational poverty by providing them with their own micro enterprise.

Description: Nowra City Church has over the past 6 years been involved in this powerful, life changing program. Every time a family is given a pig, their financial future is changed. Each family then pays it forward by giving two pigs from their first litter to another two families. To date, through this plan, Nowra City Church has changes the lives of over 2000 families. It works! The stories are amazing and we are going to continue our involvement.