Vision Statement

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Come with me on a journey of Imagination to a place where the ideal is real and there are no constraints. Imagine … in this place there is a Church – an unusual Church. An Authentic community of Holy Ghost Radicals, who dare to believe that they can change the world.

Imagine … a Church strategically placed in the Capital of the Nation, living out the prophetic resonance of its name; Impact Church. A sound that echoes through the hallways of eternity, as people are plucked from the very jaws of Hell. Imagine … this Church is characterised by diversity, where the people who regularly gather, come from all walks of life, from every age and from a wide range of backgrounds. A Church whose passionate faith in Almighty God is their unifying strength; their purpose and the obsession of their lives.

Imagine … with me that these people know there are no rules when it comes to “doing Church”. See the creativity and the dreams of the people being used by the Holy Spirit to forge a powerful momentum, building the Kingdom of God in the City of Canberra and beyond. A church that engages missionally with post modernism; a church influential in the political world.

Imagine … this “no rules” mentally translates into big thinking, high levels of faith and a personal engagement with the Word of God that causes that Word to infuse into people’s lives. An infusion that results in a radical life change and an infectious style of — living that causes strangers to ask, “Who influences these people’s lives?” See a people whose lifestyle is positive, moral, encouraging, and characterised by kindness and selfless love. Imagine … a people with an unusual, inexhaustible level of enthusiasm for their God, for life, for being an Australian.

Imagine … a Church focused on building a community whose DNA is printed with “Others” and where everyone is made welcome, accepted and valued. A community enlarging, as people seek out authentic relationships free of judgement and prejudice. Imagine … if you will, an environment where sin is not condoned and people are not condemned. Imagine … a people who live their lives reflecting the grace they themselves have experienced. Imagine…this community, this family, experience such radical growth that they outgrow their current facilities. I see in the spirit realm prophetically, a multipurpose 7OO seat auditorium, with purpose built Youth and Children’s church facilities.

Imagine … a church where people love people and passionately want their City to experience the transforming power of God’s love. A church who willingly give their time, finances, gifting and energy to ensure multitudes have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and experience the saving power of His work on the cross. A church large enough to capture the attention of the city. Imagine … a community who live by the creed… Go into all the world… A creed that causes this passion for people to extend beyond city limits, beyond State borders, even beyond this ‘land girt by sea” to nations which have not heard about the Jesus these people serve so vigorously.

Imagine … a Church that an army of mighty men and woman who are not ignorant of, nor intimidated by the devil and his devices. A people who know the protection of the blood of Jesus, the authority of the work of the Cross and the might of the Word of God. A people who spiritually stand at the gates of the city as prayer warriors, fighting for the souls of its occupants and bringing an invasion of righteousness into the city.

Imagine … this Church is a school of the Spirit where Disciples are equipped and released to fulfil the call of God on their lives. See, with me, a place where the Holy Spirit is honoured and revered in an attitude reflective of the extreme hunger and thirst for God of the Christ “ones”. An anointing filled environment where people receive breakthrough and walk in wholeness and health. Imagine … a community where every disciple, disciples others. A place which is a training campus, prolifically producing mature Christians, Leaders and Pastors who plant or assist churches throughout Australia   the rest of the world.

Imagine … a Church where everyday people give themselves to a noble cause – a Church where eternal significance is the common currency. Imagine … a community of people whose priorities of life are measured in the light of the biblical commission declared by the very Saviour who gave His life for them.

A Come with me now, away from this place of the Imagination and back into reality. Can you see with me that the Holy Spirit is at work bringing the Church we have just imagined into being; in this Church we see before us – this God infused community of people we call “Impact Church”.